domingo, 26 de julio de 2009


"Just kiss and make out,
you big orange robot car!
Life is too short, kay?"

This lil Rodimus/Lienne pic was born out of the necessity of my MP4 to have a BG screen.

I wanted something cool to look at yet something I made, so this became my first photo based illustration, combining two things I love: gorgeous cosplayers and transformers.

Little did I know that there are Kiss Players, a series of Transformers that transform after being kissed by girls...




I´ll take three!!!

I was honored that Ayane (the cosplayer on whom I based this drawing) uploaded it to her official website^^.

Visit her on

lunes, 20 de julio de 2009


"Three modes just for you,
all in one robotech ship;
I´m working on it..."

So, I might be practicing to get some Robotech Illustrations done soon...I know, I know, the wing on this one is WAY off, but it was just an experiment, I´ll get back to doing the right thing soon and not just ten sec rushed stuff like this...well, that´s the reason this is here and not up on DA :P

martes, 14 de julio de 2009

Holly Furry!

"This lil strip is
quite adult-like isn´t it?
Furries always are..."

I tried once to make a small webcomic for myself...only got two strips done...maybe one day I´ll pick it up again, who knows?

jueves, 2 de julio de 2009


"I just noticed that,
the last post had no haiku;
It´s a real shame"