martes, 30 de agosto de 2011

Transformers Mosaic

Our small contribution to the Transformers mythos, a short story featuring the Latin American exclusive transformers Robot Man-X [link] , Robot Man-Z [link] and Radio AM Robot [link] !

Trivia: Robot Man-X and Z are re-colored versions of Salt Man-X and Z, previously Autobots, while the Robot Man versions were G2 Decepticons. They´re re-molds of the Transformers Jumpstartes Twin Twist and Top Spin. Radio AM Robot however, is an original design/mold only produced in South America :O

I´m very pleased to see people dig these characterizations and welcoming non US Transformers thanks to this small spotlight, even if it was just a small glmipse :)

The art and writing here was done by me, while the colors belong to the very talented :iconasuka-rosenrot:

To see other great TF Mosaic pieces, visit :icontransformers-mosaic:

martes, 2 de agosto de 2011

The Cutting Room

Here´s something you might not know: I´ve been guest artist at The Cutting Room Webcomic!

And with Narnia and Green Lantern no less!

Gotta thank E n C for letting me in!