domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

Animation Reel 2011 - Pablo Praino

My latest Animation Reel with footage from my short films, animations, TV Ads, commissioned work and animation catharsis...ENJOY!!!

lunes, 20 de junio de 2011

Mini Comic: Unicorn Surprise!!!

Little known fact: My job kicks ass.

I´m currently working on an animated feature film called Anina by Palermo Studio.

Great cool and kind people work there, and we used to make a desert for all the stuff every thursday.

On new year, we did a small party where one would have to give all 22 staff members a present.

Mine was this mini comic you see here by pressing the download button here. (it´s a .RAR file)

It´s in spanish and a homage to my personally made desert, "unicorn surprise" whose name comes from the kick ass comic "Legends from Darkwood: The Unicorn Hunters" which you can get here: [link]

domingo, 12 de junio de 2011


Before I got back to drawing Hero Academy (I had 2 runs so far) I did this comic as a present for two friends.

Based on an old story one of them wrote, I developed the looks and the layouts for all of the three pages, ending up in what would end up being the style I´d use for my second run on HA.

Story and Script is by Cynthia Contrera.

lunes, 6 de junio de 2011

The Hero Academy Webcomic

One of my weekly assignments is the tuesday page of Hero Academy, a webcomic scripted by Ben Carver and drawn by Aisaku and yours truly.

I´ve been at this for more than two years by now, starting as a fill in artist when original artist Ivan had some urgent matters to attend.

My first pages were all done in pencil, in a small A6 sheet of paper (1/4 of an A4) and added tones and lettering with the PC.

A scanner malfunction forced my hand into the digital realms, so I have to thank this comic for helping blossom my tablet skills.

Getting used to deadlines, updates, scripts, layouts and character and background designs was a HUGE boost in experience as well, and I can´t thank Ben enough for that.

Read Hero Academy for free here: LINK


domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Manga Mandy Sketch Cards!

YES! My last sketch card series so far. It´s for 5finity and since it was our first time working together, I only did 6 cards which are marked as RARE given that I did that few.
It´s Manga Mandy, based on Dean Yeagle´s Mandy Character.

This time I went with new materials like finer pens and flesh toned markers, but I still applied all I´d learnt from my previous sketchcards.
I even did some test cards in cardboard to see how the materials responded, will post some of them later.
This one pretty sums up my official sketch card run for the time being, I hope you´ve enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them!

sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards - Part 2 (Final)

Here´s the last of the Iron Man 2 Sketch cards, featuring my first "double" card: one drawing split in two cards.I tried to make each half of the card an independent drawing that connects, I´m not fond of people making puzzles with tiny pieces that don´t stand on their own when it comes to cards.

I tried to be as moody as I could when it came to the gray tones. I applied a lot of what I learned from working on Hero Academy.
I´m happy I got to draw classic Iron Man a lot, he reminds me of classic Japanese Super Robots. Plus, since he´s wide, he gets to look good in full shots.
Very proud of that chest blast there...Also: Two versions of Whiplash!
And thus, with the Mandarin, we reach the end of my Iron Man 2 Sketch card series for Upper Deck.

Next time: Manga Mandy!

Enter the Iron Man 2 Sketch Cards!

After the Marvel Masterpiece series, I got the call again! The mail actually...
This time for Upper Deck´s Iron Man 2 Movie sketch cards.

There were some different guidelines this time and I didn´t get the part that we could draw ANY Ironman related character (like Spidey!) so I went with as many armors, poses and IM villains as I could.
I tried to be more elaborate than with last time, inking all of my cards.
I slipped in a couple of my own designs for the Ironman Armors, I like to call them the "Praino Booster Armors" just for ego`s sake.
I tried to work with colors the way I knew worked from last time, I wasn´t too aware of the materials available to work on the cards, so I kept my same markers set from the Marvel Masterpiece cards. I´d eventually get better markers thanks to good recomendations by kick ass woman Anna Screamhorror.
The Black, white and grey cards are among my favorites, with the Black widow ones taking the prize for the extra red.

viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Marvel Masterpieces III Sketch Cards Part 3 (Final)

Alright! This is my last upload on the MMIII sketch cards, and includes my Artist Proof cards (which are the ones the artists get to keep and can sell or give away).
I got to see people selling the Deadpool card, I´m amazed to see how far up those would go, especially not being as elaborate as some of my other cards.
These last 9 are my Artist Proof cards, they have a different design on the back identifying them as such.
Most of these were given away to friends who helped me out on this new adventure that were the sketch cards. I´d go back to it with the Iron Man 2 sketch cards.
It was nice to have them call me again for the IM2 cards, I guess that said that I did at least something right! That last Spidey card is the only one I kept.

Next: Iron Man 2 Sketch cards (yeah, I know you saw that one coming from a mile away...)

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Marvel Masterpieces III Sketch Cards Part 2

Watch out! Here comes the second batch~
...of Marvel Masterpiece Sketch Cards!

Now this was when I was getting more into gear, more favorites like Spider-Girl made my pencils flow smoother, even some background experiments!

Some of these cards are among my favorites, I really hope whoever got them appreciates them as much as I did.
I started getting a hold of my color experiments and expecting a response from the materials, these gave what for me would be some great results.
That Iron-man VS The Thing card Is one of my favorites because as a kid, that was the concept behind a fan-made sketch card I did with MS PAINT! I thought it would be nice to make it official somehow.
I´m VERY happy with the Bettie Brant card, simple, but VERY effective. It was also neat to give a nod to the Marvel Megamorphs, those giant transforming mecha that some heroes had for a miniseries.

Still one more Marvel Masterpieces upload to go!

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Marvel Masterpieces III Sketch Cards Part 1

Thanks to the incredibly awesome kind and great man that was Pat Carlucci, I got to have a try at the Sketch Card world, more precisely, the Marvel Masterpieces Series III sketch cards from Upper Deck.

All done in traditional means directly on paper, I mostly used pencils and markers. The cards showed pretty clearly my learning curve since I had never tried any of this media before.
I did 110 cards, 109 got approved, and it was my first time dealing with License Approval. It was great to just read the guidelines.
I got to draw at least 100 of my favorite characters, I loved that they let me focus on some of my obscure favorites like Ben Reilly (AKA: Scarlet Spider/Spiderman II).
It was also a great way to face some of my limitations, positions, perspectives, characters, costumes, colors, I experimented with all of it.
I would be given another chance to work on more Marvel Characters as the Iron Man 2 sketch cards came out. I´m very happy the director at the MM III project remembered me!

Fun at the AP Forums

The Antarctic Press forums are a fun place to be.

Then again, they´re the publishers and writer/artists of Ninja High School, Gold Digger, Time Lincoln, President Evil, I hunt Monsters, Dragon Arms, Pirates VS Ninjas and Steampunk Palin, so it´s pretty much expected...

Halloween Art Jams, discussions on wether Steampunk Palin is offensive or not...any excuse is good enough to make a one page comic...I even got compliment and tips from Rod Espinosa once!