martes, 31 de mayo de 2011


"From picture to film;
Storyboards let films be made.
They are so awesome."

I work mostly as a storyboard artist for TV ads, but I´ve also done my share of storyboarding work for short films, animations and even features!

Working with different directors is always a different experience, some being more specific than others. It´s always pleasant to see one´s drawing come to life.

Working with different directors is always a different experience, some being more specific than others. It´s always pleasant to see one´s drawing come to life.

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


Mysterious secrets...
A Super Hero Movie...
And Comic Covers.

The first and only Uruguayan "super hero" movie, "El Noctambulo" (2006) actually paid for two of my first commissions ever, courtesy of Juan Salvo who was doing storyboards for the movie at the time.

They were two fake comic book covers for the movie, where a secondary character would be reading them and being a metaphor of what was happening in the movie.

I had fun working on these, I was trying cross hatching for the very first time and I scanned old comics I had to use as textures instead of using colors...I sure knew little back then...

The movie has somewhat of a cult following, not exactly a serious following ifyouknowhatamsaying but it sure made a mark in the history of Uruguayan Cinema.

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Who wants some free Mini Comics?!

Written in spanish
are these short mini comics...
Lots of fun inside!

So, like I said before, my first officially published work was in the Gold Digger Specials by Antarctic Press, but I had in fact self edited many mini comics before.

These are some of them, which were great practice and very rewarding. Gotta thank Manuel Facal for letting me know these existed.

Download them here for free! Disclaimer: THEY´RE IN SPANISH!

Deliriums Breves: Download

Deliriums Breves Z: Download

La Historia Más Épica: Download

Otra Absurda Aventura: Download

The Gold Digger Swimsuit Specials

Summer fun and more;
Girls and boys partying out
Under the hot sun.

Even though I had been working on webcomics by then, my first (non self edited) published comic was the Gold Digger Summer Special Issue 18.

I had published a pin up with them the previous issue but I always wanted to tell a story, that is how a black and white three page comic came to be.

I eventually put a few colors here and there and this was the result.

It was my first inked comic, and it made me respect the media. Not having the right materials and supplies can really mess with the result, like those overdone bold lines and spills.
Seeing something of yours printed is a world of difference.

The following year, I´d be back with another comic, this time one page, all digital and full color.

You can still get the Gold Digger Swimsuit Specials, as well as others here: LINK

sábado, 28 de mayo de 2011


"My old war comic,
It seems it was years ago.
Almost four by now..."

This was my entry for the local Montevideo Comics convention´s comic book contest.

I got a special mention, but since the printed version on the magazine had a giant lack of contrast, I felt it better to publish it here.

It was written in spanish and only now translated, I apologize for any inconsistencies.

All tablet, one night.

Trivia: I researched on WWII bombers, planes, destroyers, uniforms and thought it would be cool if Ken Watanabe was the main character, so I got some pics of him to work with...after I was done...I realized...that he portrayed a WWII officer in "Letters From Iwo Jima", making practically half of my research worthless :XD:

Times are a-changing...

A turn of the tide.
A new way to face my art.
Time to re-purpose.

Yes, ladies and gents, my blog will cease to be just a sketch dump and will start acting as my portfolio from now on, so I´ll start posting some of my more "official" work like illustrations, sketch cards and comic pages.

Don´t worry, I´ll still find a moment or two to slip in a few mini comics and quick sketches.

Hope you like what you see!


Pablo "Optimus" Praino.